Stained Numbers
This design was created to emulate the stained glass window seen in the last episode of LOST. In the show the actual window has symbols of faith in the middle of the circles

I didn't want to just recreate that image so I substituted the symbols for the LOST numbers. Some people almost worship them as well, after all millions of lottery players can't be wrong :-)

So I created the stained glass window design (minus the brickwork) and create a few Cafepress items with it on.

I also put it forward to the limited edition t-shirt site Qwertee (You can vote here).

Then I thought that I might produce something different from this design so I added some brickwork around the window. I created a version for my phone, and realised other people might like this too so here it is. Click the image above or click here for a few different sizes that should fit a lot of popular makes of phone.
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