Doctor Who Quotes - Eleventh Doctor
So this is it the final quote in my year long project.

It is the quote you might expect from doctor 11, but people usually miss off the last part.

Which led me onto thinking how would the Leadworth Chronical report all of this.

So I decided to create the front page of an edition of the newspaper, and as you can see in this edition they have been following the Doctor quite a bit.

I packed quite a bit of Doctor 11's adventures into this one, including a representation of the new TARDIS roundels, the pandorica symbol and even an advert for Hedgewick's world :-)

This concludes the set, but I might just create another from the 50th anniversary if there is something quote worthy, and I'm guessing it will be quotes packed !

Don't forget the whole set of 12 cards is available for purchase in my online shop, there are only 50 sets available, so get yours while you can.

If anyone is wondering about that Silence portrait, I did actually create it entirely using countmarks before I decided to use it on the quote poster click here to see the full version of the portrait
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