Doctor Who - Siege Of The TARDIS
So Peter Capaldi's first year as the Doctor is nearly at an end, it has been quite a ride

There have been some fantastic moments in this series, and some quite frankly dodgy plot holes and pseudo science. I know it is Science Fiction but without a decent grounding in the science part the fiction part quite often fails.

Anyway mini rant over, I did love the new siege mode TARDIS and wanted to try and create something featuring it, so I came up with this poster idea, sort of inspired by a cheap 80's straight to video movie.

Featuring the siege mode TARDIS and a background of cogs taken from the new opening credits.
I also created this icon version of the design if you want to use it on social media, if you use it just tell people where you got it.

Click on both the images to get the full size versions.
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