Arrow Ale - It Has Never Failed This City
**Update** I thought it might be cool to get this design printed on a sticker that you could actually put on a beer bottle so had a couple of prototypes printed.

To my surprise when they arrived the few had turned into many as the printing company had printed 10 times as many as I ordered !

However their mistake is your good fortune, I have put these up on my Limited Editions Store and the first 50 people that use the discount code "ARROWZ70" will get their sticker for free !!

What do vigilantes in Starling City drink ? As you can see they drink Arrow Ale !

An idea I had when waiting for the second half of season 3 to start after the Christmas break.

I had an idea a while ago to recreate the arrow that is now part of the season 3 opening credits, that along with the idea for a pun / motto with Ale and Fail in it.

The original motto was going to be "We have Ale'd this city" but ultimately decided against that as it might have been too much of a stretch.

I have submitted this to some t-shirt voting sites, I very much appreciate any and all votes -

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