Hello, if you are reading this page then you have great taste and judgement, or have clicked on the link by mistake :-) Either way you are seeing some of my work

A poster combining two of my favourite things, Futurama and Ghostbusters The prints in the first wave of Iconic images available as limited edition prints This is my winning entry in the design a logo for the LOST 2014 fan gathering in Hawaii in September 2014 The Hawaii 50 seal plus a little LOST influence = the Island Protectors An icon to show the Continuum Global Corporate Congress logo with some Liber8 grafitti Some designs from the TV show revolution available to purchase on Cafepress under their official licence A Big Bang Theory Professor Proton design available on Cafepress A Despicable Me / Simpsons mash up A Doctor Who Bad Wolf design I created for Bad Wolf Day 2013 A poster design created for the TV show revolution at the end of the first season An Iron Man 3 t-shirt idea Doctor Who's Sontarans fighting the Star Wars Clone Wars Clara Oswald and her Wifi soup, it's about the people A mash up of the Game of Thrones religion of the seven with modern day pop culture. The Flintstones meets Star Wars in this t-shirt design idea Warehouse 13 meets Fringe and Futurama where famous Farnsworths meet Whatever you expected in the bagging area it wasn't the Spanish Inquisition Created to celebrate J.J.Abrams announcing that he was going to head up the new Star Wars films