Star Wars Celebration Photogrpahs
Star Wars Celebration Europe at the Excel in London was a really great event. Huge amounts to see and do, something for every Star Wars fan.

I took quite a large amount of photographs at the event and at the Cantina gig the night before which was very special in it's own right.

In case you are wondering yes that is Carrie Fisher (and her dog) with Warwick Davies taking a selfie on the main stage !

Click the photograph or here to see all of the photographs on my Flickr site.

Talking of the photographs and Cantina, one of the organisers of the gig created a set of trading cards with the photographs and sent a framed set to Mark Daniel who compared the gig.

Have a look at Mark's twitter post where he posted this picture of him holding the framed set.

Ultimate Salvage

When you are on a planet far, far away and you come across a mysterious blue box it is time to salvage it.

Assisted by your round little droid, what could possibly go wrong.

This Doctor Who / Star Wars design was a little inspiration when I was watching The Force Awakens on a plane coming home from America, probably just drifting off to sleep and day dreaming, but this was the result !

I have put this up on Tee Public if you would like it on a t-shirt or small art print, it is available for $14 for the first few days, so go grab yourself a bargain.

Weasleys Wizard Wheezes
We were watching the Harry Potter films again recently and I thought I'd have a go at drawing the oversized animated mannequin outside the Weasley shop in Diagon Alley

The mannequin is of course based on Fred and George, the Weasley twins, but it is more than just a facsimile of them.

It turned into a little more than just the mannequin, almost an advert for the shop but I took the decision to not use any words on it just let the image speak for itself.

Surrounded by some of the magical products that the Weasley's produced and of course the rabbit under the hat. If I ever get a chance I'll produce a special edition of this with a glow in the dark rabbit that you can't see when it is light.

I have added this to my Redbubble store as a t-shirt design or small art print if you want one.

Brain Ball Mk-VIII
Spoiler Alert !

Ok so this scene may not make it into the final cut of the new Star Wars film, but I bet you now won't be able to watch The force Awakens without thinking about this :-)

Pinky : What are we going to do tonight Brain ?

Brain : The same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over a Galaxy far far away.

My favourite mice staring in my favourite movie series.

I have had lots of requests for this, so it is now available on Redbubble

Librarian Window
Would you like to work in a Library ?

I was always a fan of the funny little Librarian movies, they had a sort of rustic charm, an action adventure series that managed to rise above its limited budget. Plus it had Noah Wyle in it which was always going to be a good move.

When a TV series based on the stories was announced I was as usual sceptical, but again the TV show is rising above its humble beginnings, it sort of fills a gap that Warehouse 13 and Eureka left when they ended.

It actually took me six months to finish this ! Not six months drawing it, but to get it ready for Redbubble and actually adding it.

Hopefully it was worth the wait, and if you are a true Librarian you will be able to decode its meaning.

I have put it up onto Redbubble if you want to go take a look.

Minions - Respect, Power, BANANA !
** Update have this design up for sale on the 23rd of June, $11 for one day only !

Anyone going to see the Minions Movie ?

Well spoiler alert, but when I saw the trailer (about 1:45 into the version below) I had to create this.

It is currently up for voting and if you have a moment I'd appreciate a vote or two -

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New Stormtrooper Helmet
Anyone love the new Star Wars Episode 7 Stormtroopers yet ?

I thought I'd get in early and create a very simple vector version of the helmet.

In fact I liked it so much I decided to put it up on Redbubble if you want one on a t-shirt, pillow, iPad case etc.

Krull Glaive
If you are a fan of the 80's classic movie Krull like I am then you might recognise this

I was watching it again a little while ago and wanted to create something to represent the movie.

So this is my version of the Glaive weapon and around the outside is the prophecy - "A girl of ancient name that shall become queen, that she shall choose a king, and that together they shall rule their world, and that their son shall rule the galaxy"

Now available as a t-shirt design in my Redbubble store.

Sontaran Clone Wars On Sale
A few years after I created it, but this doctor Who / Star Wars The clone Wars mashup design is finally for sale.

I have opened a Tee Public store and this is the first product on it.

Rubble Alliance T-Shirt For Sale Soon
My Rubble alliance T-Shirt will be available for sale on the limited edition site Teeconomist for 24 hours only on the 19th of May

John Noble had been such a delight playing Walter Bishop in Fringe, and this short film produced by his daughter and him came out shortly after Fringe ended.

I created this very quickly just to show support for the film.

Terminators Are Cool
I work with Terminators now, Terminators are cool.

Yes Matt Smith has joined the new Terminator film :-)

Someone had to do it !

Excellent Me

After watching Despicable Me 2 at the cinema the other night I wondered why there were no three eyed Minions

Then it hit me, they weren't working for Mr Burns at the springfield Nuclear Power Plant !

So taking my inspiration from Blinky the three eyed fish that was found at the lake near the nuclear power plant I created a couple of three eyed minions and made the sinister Mr Burns their master, altogether now....Exceeeeelleeeent.

I've added the t-shirt to TeeBusters if you have a spare moment please head on over and vote.

Iron Man 3 T-Shirt Design - Tony The Mechanic

We saw Iron Man 3 in the UK last week and as soon as I heard the words Tony The Mechanic, I knew I had to create this.

Using garage / repair shop signs and adverts as my inspiration I came up with this that hopefully will appeal to Iron Man fans.

I have uploaded it to a few t-shirt voting sites, so if you have a moment please head on over to one (or all !) of them to vote.

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The Sontaran Clone Wars
In a galaxy far far away the Sontarans are cloning themselves to fight a wars against the old republic...of the Rutans.

A Doctor Who / Star Wars Clone Wars mashup.

I have added this design to the TeePublic website, the way this site works is that if 30 people to want to buy this and then TeePublic will then print it using DTG technology.

Bad Robot Jedi - Size Matters Not

For no real reason other than I thought it would be an interesting challenge for me, and I thought the idea was cool, I came up with this.

JJ Abrams is down to direct the next Star Wars film, so I thought that his Bad Robot needed to feel the force and become a Jedi.

Since I posted this, the image was used by the very cool /Film blog on their Star Wars reporting page today.

Thanks to @GermainLussier for picking the image to use.

The Detectives

Another new t-shirt design featuring links to Tintin.

I had an idea about a charlie chaplin movie poster then thought that the moustache and bowler hat combination also applies to the two detectives from the Tintin books, so what if they were all in a movie together.

The additional name is Rastapopoulos, who also appears in the books, and in Cigars of the Pharaoh is producing a movie, so it seemed logical for him to produce this as well :-)

If you have unruly hair and don't want to use a spell on it, then choose Sleakeasy's Hair Potion to smooth and straighten.

Harry Potter's friend Hermione Granger doesn't use anything else.

You can vote for this design on

or you can vote for it on

The Rules
The Mogwai is an aincient enigma, treat it right and it will be your companion for life.

However if you do not follow the rules then you will be in trouble.

I created two variations of this design as the first one (below) looks a little awkward with the two silhouettes taking up a lot of room.

The second one (left) is more compact and gives a hint of what will happen if the rules are not followed.

Primeval Park
If you are fan of the ITV show Primeval, then there are not many t-shirt around for you. This design cam about as someone on the Qwertee forums asked if someone could upload a Primeval design.

I took up the challenge as Primeval is a tv show I watch and this is the result, with a little added Jurrasic flavour.

You can vote for this to be printed on Qwertee

Scoop Recovery Team
Another favourite film of mine is The Andromeda Strain. Imagine you are one of the team sent to recover the scoop probe and this is the t-shirt you wear under your full body bio hazard suit.

You can buy this now on Cafe Press

Silent Huey, Dewey and Louie
One of my favourite Sci Fi films is Silent Running and these three little robots are the unsung heroes of the film.

You can vote for this to be printed on Qwertee

Space Shuttle - Competition Results

Thanks for all the entries to the competition, it seems that the answers proved to be a little more difficult than I thought they might.

In the end there were no full correct entries so I drew a winner from the entries with the most correct answers.

Congratulations to John Grieves from Auburn, Indiana, USA.

The correct answers are going clockwise) :-

Millenium Falcon � Star Wars

Starship Enterprise - Star trek (This version is the original)

Liberator - Blake�s 7

Eagle transporter � space 1999

Battlestar Galactica (new series)

Planet Express Delivery Ship � Futurama

TARDIS � Doctor Who

Starbug � Red Dwarf

Jupiter 2 � Lost in Space (60's TV Series version)

* See below

White Star � Babylon 5

Moon rocket � Tintin

* The ship that caught everyone out was the ship that looked like a Flash gordon Rocket ship.

Maybe it was a little too obscure but that might just be the way my mind works !

The answer is that this is the Captain Proton Rocket Ship that was used in Star Trek Voyager as a homage to the 30's and 40's movie serials. Click the previous link for some close up pictures or click this link for more details on Captain Proton.

Which means of course that the link I was after is Star Trek.

Super 8
This design was something that seemed so obvious it seemed daft not to do it.

Originally I had the idea of just using the superman symbol with an 8 instead of the S, but then it occured that I should give it some more meaning by adding the Super 8 film cells.

If you have been following the Super 8 viral marketing and ARG like I have then you will notice several references to it in this piece. If you haven't been following it then you can see it all at the UnFiction forums.

This design can be voted for on Qwertee

On the day that this design was submitted to Qwertee I was made aware of a similar idea being available. I am not surprised by this as it seems like such an obvious idea to me, unfortunately I didn't have the advantage of getting my design worn by one of the cast at the MTV music awards !

Eyes on The Falcon
Simple but hopefully effective, this design shows the Millenium Falcon with the eye's (and beak) of the bird that inspired it's name.

I have submitted this design to Qwertee, you can vote by clicking here

Space Shuttle - Leader of the Pack
The space shuttle fleet is about to retire and I wanted to celebrate / commemorate the fantastic achievement that the space shuttle represents.

Click the image or click here to view more information about this design and also to enter a competition based on the spaceships seen in the design.