LOST 2020
Guess what ! For the third time in a row I have managed to create the official poster and t-shirt logo for the Lost Con's LOST 2020

I tried to blend an eye theme and the church door scene together to evoke the theme of the event which is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the final episode.

Head on over to http://thelostcon.com to find out more detail and to book your place on what is sure to be a great event on "The Island"

Damon & The Chicken
Imagine my surprise as I scrolled through my Instagram timeline when I see a picture of Damon Lindelof wearing one of my t-shirt designs !

It is my Tony The Chicken design I created for The Leftovers a few months back. I got a notification that someone had bought one a couple of days ago, I had no idea it was Mr Lindelof himself that had ordered it !

Twin Peaks - Shovel Yourself Out
After watching the utter mind blowing madness that is Twin Peaks The Return, I thought I would make an attempt at a design based on the new elements to the TP story.

If you are watching the new series you will recognise Dr Amp and his broadcasts about freedom and shovelling yourself out of the shit with one of his golden shovels.

Twin Peaks - Silver Mustang
Are you watching the new Twin Peaks series ? I am and although it is early on there is a lot of very good weirdness going on.

I wont spoil where this comes from but in the first few episodes we see the Silver Mustang Casino and it plays host to an important event.

If you have seen the scenes set there you will know what this means. I also recreated the original version of the logo as closely as I could, although I haven't quite identified the correct fonts yet.

The Leftovers
If you haven't watched The Leftovers do yourself a favour and start watching immediately. The series has just finished its final season and was one of the TV highlights of the last three years.

These are three designs inspired by the final season, and if you want to know more about them you will need to watch it !

Bonus points if you spot the LOST reference I sneaked in there.

Rouge One
The previous web site article about "Strange Rhapsody" reminded me that I hadn't posted about the t-shirt design you can see in one of the pictures.

When the trailers from the most recent Red Dwarf series were being shown I saw one very brief shot of Red Dwarf moving across a triple sun arrangement.

I knew that I wanted to recreate that scene and I had had the idea of using the words "Rouge One" and a Star Wars type of title ever since the film title Rogue One was announced. So it was a natural fit to combine the two.

I have put this up onto Redbubble if you want one, although there is a minor modification, I simplified it to a Red Dwarf story rather than using the series number.

Nardole Is My Co-Pilot
After watching the trailer for the next series of Doctor Who I had this t-shirt idea.

It seems that Nardole is around for a little while and as he is well versed in TARDIS operation this seemed appropriate.

I have uploaded it to Redbubble if you like it.

Mr Huffle
Don't Make me hurt Mr Huffle !

One of my favourite moments from the Doctor Who Christmas special, so I thought I'd create a quote version of it as a t-shirt design

It is available on Redbubble at the moment, let me know what you think, all my contact details can be found here

The Ghost
After watching the Doctor Who Christmas special I was taken back to a time of old school super hero movies, before all the massive computer generated set pieces.

I loved that they managed to find a way to bring superhero action to DW and I thought what I needed was a Ghost t-shirt like the Super ones of old, and this is the result.

I think I managed to draw a decent 2d representation of the 3d logo on the suit.

It is available on Redbubble at the moment, let me know what you think, all my contact details can be found here

Bendeery Ale
In one of those moments that makes perfect sense when you explain it, a bottle of "Bendeery English Ale" popped up on the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After some investigation by the Marvel podcasting dynamic duo Matt and Pete of @PhantasticGeek, they discovered that the beer was named after Benjamin Deery a friend of the actor Nick Blood who played Hunter on the show.

I decided a while ago that I wanted to create a t-shirt design to celebrate Beer, the tv show and Ben of course !

I recreated my version of the label as seen on screen (below) then set about creating a design that was a little more t-shirt friendly which is what you see above.

If you like it and want the t-shirt version it is up on Redbubble at the moment.

There is a short article about the fictional brand on Wikipedia

Star Wars Jakku Calling
I was recently asked to create a concept idea for by someone in the Star Wars community (more of which later), while doing that design this idea was sparked off and I thought I'd create a t-shirt design of my own.

As you can see below it is of course a homage to The Clash's London Calling album cover. I even thought about creating some lyrics to go along with the song

Jakku calling, to the far galaxy The battle of Endor, was only the begining

Probably best I'm not a song writer !

This design is available on Redbubble but I have also got a surprise for those attending Star Wars Celebration Europe on the 15th, 16th and 17th of July.

If you come and find me, yes I will tweet about it on each day, I have some limited edition (100) art card versions of this design to give away.

If you found this website from me handing out a card at Celebration, then hello !

Have a look at all of my Star Wars related content by clicking on this link.

12 Monkeys Designs
One of my favourite shows at the moment is the TV version of 12 Monkeys.

Far removed from the Terry Gilliam film version, but it does contain some nice easter eggs and references to the film.

One of the main sets / locations of the TV show is the splinter room where al the time travel magic takes place, and it is such an iconic part of the TV show that I wanted to try and capture it's essence on a poster.

Hopefully you like my view of the Splinter machine.

I also created a t-shirt version that has been uploaded to Redbubble
After the splinter machine, I thought I had to create something around the "Initiate Splinter Sequence" sound bite that Jones says before each time jump.

I went for a pretty simple text based design surrounded by the mysterious symbol that we have now found out means "Titan" in the style of the ancient plate containing the USB drive.

This is also available in various forms on Redbubble

Ultimate Salvage

When you are on a planet far, far away and you come across a mysterious blue box it is time to salvage it.

Assisted by your round little droid, what could possibly go wrong.

This Doctor Who / Star Wars design was a little inspiration when I was watching The Force Awakens on a plane coming home from America, probably just drifting off to sleep and day dreaming, but this was the result !

I have put this up on Tee Public if you would like it on a t-shirt or small art print, it is available for $14 for the first few days, so go grab yourself a bargain.

Weasleys Wizard Wheezes
We were watching the Harry Potter films again recently and I thought I'd have a go at drawing the oversized animated mannequin outside the Weasley shop in Diagon Alley

The mannequin is of course based on Fred and George, the Weasley twins, but it is more than just a facsimile of them.

It turned into a little more than just the mannequin, almost an advert for the shop but I took the decision to not use any words on it just let the image speak for itself.

Surrounded by some of the magical products that the Weasley's produced and of course the rabbit under the hat. If I ever get a chance I'll produce a special edition of this with a glow in the dark rabbit that you can't see when it is light.

I have added this to my Redbubble store as a t-shirt design or small art print if you want one.

Whos Negan ?
I was listening to a Walking Dead podcast the other day when the sound clip of "Who's Negan" was played in isolation and I immediately knew I wanted to create a quote t-shirt design

I saw Michael Cudlitz, star of LOST and that little known zombie TV show The Walking Dead, in London last weekend at Walker Stalker Con (some photographs here)

So I had some great reference shots, I created the face consisting only of hair, and I think it is instantly recognisable if you watch the tv series.

I added the text in style similar to the comic book title, it started off with about 4 colours but in the end I decided to make it all one colour.

It has been added to my Redbubble store if you want to get a t-shirt, mug or even a pillow with this on.

As to the question of who Negan is, I'm sure we will find out soon, and I am fairly sure he isn't good news for our favourite group of Zombie Apocalypse survivors.

Agent Carter - Council Of Nine
This symbol is quite prominent in Agent Carter Season 2, although that isn't the first time we saw it on screen.

It was first seen in an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode just before Christmas and is part of the Hydra legacy / history.

Since it was fairly significant I thought I'd have a go at producing my own version and this is it.

I have also added it to Redbubble if you want to see it on a t-shirt.

While I was creating it I also had a go at a couple of other Agent Carter season 2 items, the Isodyne Energy logo and the sign from the Talent Agency that hides the SSR in LA.

These haven't bee put anywhere yet, but if I get any feedback requesting them I could be persuaded :-)

Rebel Ahsoka
I have been wanting to do this for quite some time ever since her re-appearance in Star Wars Rebels.

An update of my Ahsoka Tano design created for Star Wars The Clone Wars quite a few years ago now.

This time, no longer a Jedi in training, and much changed since her youthful days, I wanted to make it fit with the previous design which meant of course using the Rebel symbol.

I tried may permutations of them together and I think this is the best combination.

I have now added this design to Redbubble so if you get one of these let me know via twitter, I'd love to see the finished product.

Below is a comparison of the Clone wars and Rebels versions that were created almost exactly 4 years apart.

Brain Ball Mk-VIII
Spoiler Alert !

Ok so this scene may not make it into the final cut of the new Star Wars film, but I bet you now won't be able to watch The force Awakens without thinking about this :-)

Pinky : What are we going to do tonight Brain ?

Brain : The same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over a Galaxy far far away.

My favourite mice staring in my favourite movie series.

I have had lots of requests for this, so it is now available on Redbubble

Time Of The Doctor at TeeBusters
The good folk at Teebusters.com, the limited edition, screen printed, t-shirt website, have chosen my Doctor Who "Time Of The Doctor" design to go on sale, starting on Monday the 19th of October.

It will be available for just 48 hours on a high quality screen printed t-shirt and hoodie at the incredibly cheap price of just £7.50.

I am also giving away a poster version of the design to someone who purchases the t-shirt, simply tweet a picture of it to me (@ZORT70) or post it on my Facebook page and I will draw a random winner.

Librarian Window
Would you like to work in a Library ?

I was always a fan of the funny little Librarian movies, they had a sort of rustic charm, an action adventure series that managed to rise above its limited budget. Plus it had Noah Wyle in it which was always going to be a good move.

When a TV series based on the stories was announced I was as usual sceptical, but again the TV show is rising above its humble beginnings, it sort of fills a gap that Warehouse 13 and Eureka left when they ended.

It actually took me six months to finish this ! Not six months drawing it, but to get it ready for Redbubble and actually adding it.

Hopefully it was worth the wait, and if you are a true Librarian you will be able to decode its meaning.

I have put it up onto Redbubble if you want to go take a look.

Fringe Celebration T-Shirt
It has been a while since I added a new Fringe design to Cafépress but I decided to add this now as it is close to the anniversary date of the start of the show.

I originally created this as a one off t-shirt just for myself to wear at the London film and Comic Con this year where John Noble was attending.

While I was there I got a lot of positive comments and questions about it so I decided to add it to CP.

You might recognise the design as it is part of the Celebration Poster design I created to celebrate the final episode of the show.

It features the Observer Typography, with all the Glyph code words and the first people calendar as a backdrop.

Either click the image or click here to go to my Cafepress Fringe store.

If you want more Fringe fun this year follow @OnTheFringe365 on Twitter to find out what is happening.

Falling Skies - Mason Militia
When you encounter alien Espheni overlords, you'll want the Mason Militia to save you.

Celebrating the imminent end of the Falling Skies journey, I thought the Mason boys needed a t-shirt of their own.

The term "Mason Militia" has been mentioned a few times in this final season so I thought I'd try and create a military style patch for their members.

Featuring the four Mason men (Matt is all grown up now right ?) and also the three ring symbol that Lexi wore as a necklace.

At the bottom is the phrase that Weaver got Matt to repeat to try and distract him from being afraid when all looked hopeless at the end of season 4.

The design is now up for voting now on Teebusters and Qwertee, if you have a moment to vote as always I'd appreciate it.

If you simply can't wait, and want one for next weeks final episode (snif) then I have also put it onto Redbubble, click here to see it.

Ghost Benders at Teebusters
The very nice people at Teebusters, the limited edition t-shirt website, have chosen my Futurama "Ghost Benders" design to go on sale, starting on Friday the 21st of August.

It will be available for just 48 hours on a high quality screen printed t-shirt and hoodie at the incredibly cheap price of just £7.50.

If you like the design and want a poster version of it I do have a very small number available in my online store
The shirt is now live, head on over to Teebusters and take a look and if you can share the details on social media I'd appreciate it.

Straight Outta Trumpton
Yes there are many parodies of the movie title and poster for Straight Outta Compton, but this is my uniquely British take.

If you remember Trumpton then you are as young (erm old) as me, if you don't remember it, have a look on YouTube, technically it started before I was born, but it got repeated nearly every year for quite a large part of my early childhood.

A stop motion animation classic, with narration by Brian Cant. Trumpton was the second of the three distinct shows to be made, all featuring the same fictional county in England.

If you are not familiar with the characters in the image they are the Trumptonshire Fire Brigade, who's members are famously called "Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub".

A few people have asked me whether this is available to purchase, I wasn't going to do that, but as they asked I added it to my Redbubble store

Imaginative Ink UK T-Shirt Store

At last there is a UK alternative to the Print on Demand t-shirt market !

Imaginative Ink is a new web store specialising in geeky and pop culture reference t-shirts, a welcome relief for all those of us in the UK and Europe that have to rely on US services and the postage charges / issues that entails.

I have added a couple of designs for now, but I will add more soon, so head on over there and take a look.

Minions - Respect, Power, BANANA !
** Update TeeTournament.com have this design up for sale on the 23rd of June, $11 for one day only !

Anyone going to see the Minions Movie ?

Well spoiler alert, but when I saw the trailer (about 1:45 into the version below) I had to create this.

It is currently up for voting and if you have a moment I'd appreciate a vote or two -

Vote on Qwertee

Vote on Tee Tournament

Tee Tournament Delivery
Following the recent Tee Tournament sale I received my copies of the t-shirts, they look great in person, and I love the Stargate one as from a distance you can really see through the event horizon !

Double Team on Tee Tournament
It looks like I am going head to head with my self on Tee Tournament !

There are two of my designs up for sale for one day only on their site, my Stargate SG1 and Agents of SHIELD designs.

Furys Toolbox
Fury's Toolbox, helps rebuild your S.H.I.E.L.D. from scratch.

We saw Nick Fury give Coulson this little cube of mystery at the end of season 1 it has been a source of much wonder. In recent episodes it has been part of the Real SHIELD plot and I thought about creating this t-shirt design.

It is up for voting at the moment on Qwertee and on Tee Tournament

Check out the new Gallery page on this website, all my current stuff in one handy place (hum the Tony Hart theme tune while viewing if you want)

New Stormtrooper Helmet
Anyone love the new Star Wars Episode 7 Stormtroopers yet ?

I thought I'd get in early and create a very simple vector version of the helmet.

In fact I liked it so much I decided to put it up on Redbubble if you want one on a t-shirt, pillow, iPad case etc.

Round Things Scarf
Redbubble have recently started to introduce some more product lines and one that caught my eye was the scarf.

I'm not sure I'd describe it as a scarf, more of a pashmina, but what ever you call it, it is certainly different.

Essentially just a large, very thin rectangle of material that can have any design printed on it.

I have made a few of my designs available on the new scarf product in my Redbubble store and thought I would get one printed for myself.

The one I chose was a Doctor Who themed one, my Round Things design, based on the roundels in the current incarnation of the TARDIS.

When it arrived I was very impressed by the print quality, it appears that the back background is printed on as the reverse side has a green tint to it which I assume is the base colour of the scarf.

The size, as you can see in the picture, is very large the preview on the RB website looks big but in real life it is just as big !

See the original post about the Round things design by clicking here

Krull Glaive
If you are a fan of the 80's classic movie Krull like I am then you might recognise this

I was watching it again a little while ago and wanted to create something to represent the movie.

So this is my version of the Glaive weapon and around the outside is the prophecy - "A girl of ancient name that shall become queen, that she shall choose a king, and that together they shall rule their world, and that their son shall rule the galaxy"

Now available as a t-shirt design in my Redbubble store.

Hawaii 50 - Moku Cuts
A recent episode of Hawaii 5-0 took place almost entirely in a barber shop.

I can tell you are thinking that it wasn't the most interesting story, but you would be wrong, a great episode from my favourite pairing of Bryan Wynbrandt and Steve Lilien who were the co-creators of Alcatraz and are now writing for and producing the show.

I thought I'd have a go at reproducing the Moku Cuts logo, but expand on it a little and create a t-shirt design based around it.

Independent State Printed
The good people at Tee Tournament printed my Independent State design and sent me one of the t-shirts

I love the print quality on this and the t-shirt material quality is good as well.

The 100 Marcus Kane Quote T-Shirt
Something for fans of The 100, a Marcus Kane quote t-shirt design.

Set on top of the ARK Guard logo and the quote text has a hexagonal pattern to echo the 100 logo.

Below is a close up of Kane

I have put this up for sale on my Tee Public store along with a few other designs that are only available there.

Game of Thrones House Mottos T-Shirt
In the Game of Thrones it is your words that define you

I created this idea for someone a few months ago, but that didn't go anywhere, so I added it to a couple of t-shirt voting sites -


Tee Busters

Defiance- Tarr Traxx Records
In the town of Defiance it is so hard to make a "legitimate" living, but one young Castithan man is making a name for himeself

Tarr Traxx, the new Hip, Groovy name in music.

This t-shirt design is now up for voting on -


Tee Busters

Thanks for taking a look, and any votes that come my way

Arrow Ale - It Has Never Failed This City
**Update** I thought it might be cool to get this design printed on a sticker that you could actually put on a beer bottle so had a couple of prototypes printed.

To my surprise when they arrived the few had turned into many as the printing company had printed 10 times as many as I ordered !

However their mistake is your good fortune, I have put these up on my Limited Editions Store and the first 50 people that use the discount code "ARROWZ70" will get their sticker for free !!

What do vigilantes in Starling City drink ? As you can see they drink Arrow Ale !

An idea I had when waiting for the second half of season 3 to start after the Christmas break.

I had an idea a while ago to recreate the arrow that is now part of the season 3 opening credits, that along with the idea for a pun / motto with Ale and Fail in it.

The original motto was going to be "We have Ale'd this city" but ultimately decided against that as it might have been too much of a stretch.

I have submitted this to some t-shirt voting sites, I very much appreciate any and all votes -

Vote at Qwertee

Vote at Tee Tournament

Vote at Tee Busters

Reddit Doctor Who T-Shirt Competition
A little while ago I saw that the Doctor Who subreddit were having a competition so I thought I'd have a go.

The competition is to design a t-shirt for the r/DoctorWho subreddit that will be sold in aid of Doctors Without Borders.

So if you like my design or want to see what other designers have done, visit the competition page and upvote at least one of the designs to show support.

If you want to read the original competition details this is the page to visit

We Can Narf It !
The daily site Tee Tournament have picked me again and now have my We Can Narf It ! t-shirt design up for sale today (30/12/2014)

So go grab yourself a new year bargain, especially as this is on a yellow shirt which is quite rare in the t-shirt printing world.

Head on over to Tee Tournament to get your hands on one while they are on sale.

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