Star Wars Rebels - Crystal Hope
If you are watching the latest iteration of Star Wars cartoon, Star Wars Rebels, then I'm sure you are already loving what they are doing with it.

The final episode in season one was quite epic and the return of one of my favourite characters was a very welcome moment.

What we have here is another of my favourite moment's, when Ezra earns his Kyber crystal and fully starts his journey as a Jedi in training. I also added in the background the spray painted symbol that Sabine painted on the wall and that a younger Lando Calrissian sees when he is aboard the Ghost.

I have now added this to my Redbubble store if you want to get a t-shirt, pillow, bag, sticker or other version of the design.

John Watsons Stag Night
After the second episode of Sherlock series 3 I thought Sherlock might have been too busy to get Stag night t-shirts created, so I did it for him.

Featuring the preferred drinking vessel marked with the appropriate fill amount, a small map of the route and a subtle reminder of John's middle name.

This has been uploaded to Qwertee, and also to TeeBusters so if you have a moment please head on over and vote.

I Dont Shave For Sherlock Holmes

Mary told me to do it !

Yes moments after the first episode of the 3ed series had finished I started creating the t-shirt design.

The result is this.

Added to my Red Bubble store

IOU Sale on TeeBusters
Thanks to everyone who sent comments, shared the details and even bought one

No idea what the sales numbers are yet but I hope a few people bought some !

Time for an IOU to be Paid

Thanks to everyone that voted, this BBC Sherlock inspired t-shirt design will be up for sale on TeeBusters.Com very soon.

Click on this link to see more details and get an exclusive free Sherlock wallpaper.

Eliminate The Impossible T-Shirt

This Sherlock Holmes Based Design is now available on RedBubble and CafePress


Baskerville Hounds
What do you do to relax if you are a scientist in a top secret research facility ?

Yes that's right join the Baskerville Hounds Deprehensio Societas

Tweet me at @Zort70 if you know what that means

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I.O.U. Sherlock
Yes the latest series of Sherlock ended on a sad note, but all is not lost :-)

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