The Doctors Name - You Have To Concentrate
Yes cliff hangers are annoying, especially when they come after only a few episodes, but what an episode :-)

The Doctor Who episode A Good Man Goes To War gave us so much to look at and think about it took me three viewings to even think that I had seen it all.

One of the most interesting things was the Doctor showing us the cot / crib that was his when he was a baby, and on the side of that was some Gallifreyan writing.

Even though there isn't a perfect shot of the writing and it is only on screen for a few seconds, I wanted to try and recreate the writing seen. Here is my attempt.

You can vote for this design to be made on Qwertee, it already has quite a few votes, but it needs a lot more if it is to be printed, so please head on over and vote, thanks.
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