Save Doctor Who Confidential
If you didn't know already the BBC in their infinite wisdom have decided to cancel the companion program to Doctor Who called Doctor Who Confidential.

This show has been a great way to find out what happens behind the scenes and how the show is put together.

It has been essential viewing since Doctor Who was bought back in 2004 and more than entertaining it was educational and sometimes inspirational, so it was a bit of a shock to learn it was being cancelled.

Don't get me wrong I'm not sure I could watch another short excerpt on how the Cybermen are trained to march, but with a few tweaks and possibly a shorter running length it would still make an excellent way to wind down after a mind blowing episode and give the viewer some extra content for a minimal price.

Anyway the point of writing this is that a group of people have got together to create a petition and coordinate the campaign to save the show. Sign up to the petition by clicking here and follow @SaveDWC on Twitter for all the latest news.
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