Cancer Gets LOST - TeeBusters T-Shirt
Yes another t-shirt for sale at TeeBusters.Com, but this one is different.

This one will help make a difference.

TeeBusters have kindly agreed to the sale of this design and 100% of my sales commission will be donated to the charity supported by the Cancer Gets LOST event.

Please share with all your Lostie friends and when it is for sale on the 17th (Midday UK) tweet, share on Facebook, forums and generally make a nuisance of yourself until everyone knows about it.

Cancer Gets LOST is a charity event and auction that aims to raise money for the US National Brain Tumor Society

Find out more and look at all the fantastic LOST related items for sale, most of which are signed by cast and crew, on the Cancer Gets LOST website -

For additional support you could use the image in the top left of this post as your profile icon to let other people know about this.

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