DoctorWho Quotes - FOR SALE !
The moment has finally arrived, I had no idea how the quotes would be received when I started creating them but it seems lots of you love them.

The launch of my brand new limited edition online shop now has the quote cards for sale.

As mentioned before there are 12 UK A5 sized cards featuring all of the quotes. As it's the 50th anniversary there is a limit of 50 packs being made available to purchase, when they are gone they won't be reprinted.

There is a small difference to the versions you see on this website, in that I have made the cards borderless, so you get a few more mm of art per card !

If you are wondering why the 11th Doctor quote is blanked out it's because I haven't officially posted about this one yet as it isn't November !

You can see the 11th Doctor quote but only by going to the shop website.

If you want to see a larger version of the image above Click Here
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