LOST - Drive Shaft - Not going to Guam Tour 2014
So after LOST 2014 and the emotional highs and lows that the even gave me I thought it was time to share a couple of things that were created for the event.

If you were at LOST 2014 in Hawaii recently you may have seen me wandering around in a few of my own t-shirts (I still get a kick out of saying I was there !)

One of those t-shirts you wouldn’t have seen before and that’s because I wanted to take something that I knew no one else would have.

A lot of you commented and very kindly said how cool it was so I decided to put it onto my Cafepress store for those that want it.

So what is it ? Well it isn’t specifically about any moment in the show I just decided I wanted to create a Drive Shaft tour t-shirt, you could consider it a flash sideways kind of a thing.

I named the tour the “Not going to Guam” tour in honor of Lapidus and it features fairly prominently the Jughead, the Drive Shaft guitar logo, a few other rock and roll staples and no I won’t say who the sillhouette of the woman is based on ;-)

The shirt on CP is actually a front and back print, on the back is the little DHARMA / Yin Yang / lightning burst symbol.

Link to my CafePress store

and just to prove I wore it, here is a picture of me in Hawaii, hiding from a smoke monster in a Banyan tree.

You can see all my LOST 2014 pictures on Flickr - Z70 Photos
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