LOST 2014 in 3D !
This is another thing I created for LOST 2014, although I kept it as a surprise until I got to Hawaii as I wanted to present Kelly (event organiser), Jo Garfein and Jorge Garcia with what I had created.

The idea was simple, turn this flat image (left) into a 3D object and get it printed.

Problem, first I needed a 3D model to print, and although there are a few models out there of the DHARMA logo that are free to use, I wanted this one to have LOST on one side and 2014 on the other, which none would have. The second issue is finding someone to actually print it.

The first problem I tackled by using Adobe Photoshop and teaching myself how to use its 3D capabilities, someone I had met through all the Fringe and Almost Human activity over the last few years works for Adobe and regularly posts articles and information about its 3D capabilities on Twitter (@Nikolai3D), he gave me some great tips and pointers.

I wouldn't call myself an expert yet, but I did manage to come up with a model that looked pleasing to me, I worked out that the 3D object although simple in 2D was made up of many parts that needed aligning in the 3D world.

Next was the printing of the object, after searching around I found 3D Hubs. They are a central website resource, where you can upload your model and get quotes from many independent people that have 3D printing equipment around the country.

The first people I looked at were based in Sheffield, and as I was going there on business regularly and the printer was just down the road from the office I asked them to print it.

They produced two samples one in Resin (Left) and one in ABS Plastic (Right), these are test prints before going ahead with the full order I wanted and the Resin one looked good, but the plastic one looked fairly poor quality.

I agreed to ahead with the resin version and waited for my order to be completed, unfortunately I waited a long time and after several email exchanges I was told they would not be able to produce the requested order.

So on to plan B, there was also a 3D hub near to where I live so I contacted them for a quote. Again I asked for a test piece to be printed in plastic and this time the printed piece looked vastly superior to what was produced by the other company, so I went ahead with all 10 pieces.

The company is called Mediacopy and this is the link to their page on 3D hubs. Their customer service was excellent and I'd thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for a 3D print like this.

As you can see what I got was the 10 pieces I had asked for in white plastic, and they look excellent on their own, but I had decided at the outset that I wanted them to have a metallic gold / bronze like look. In the end I decided to do this to 5 and leave the other 5 as they were.

So out came the paint and brushes, below are a couple of photographs from the various stages, click on them (and all the pictures) to get larger versions.

While painting these I found it was actually quite nice to do something outside of the digital world for once !

So I finally arrive at LOST 2014 and gave them to Kelly, Jo and Jorge, there were also a few given out as a prize for the Barracks Notice Board competition (more of which later)

It was great fun to do, once I had worked out how to do it, and all I can say is the future is here and it involves 3D printing, I have a couple of great ideas for future projects.

I'll give the final word to Jo, who sent me this picture of her token back at home.
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