Phantastic Geek - New Logo
As you may have seen in the past I have created a couple of things for Matt and Pieter the excellent voices behind the Phantastic Geek Popculture podcast.

A little while ago they asked me if I could have a go at designing a new logo for the website and associated icon for the social media feed. I was happy to give it a go and after coming up with a few ideas the general shape and style was decided.

A few more refinements and tweaks and things were good to go, there are more variations available to the guys, but I'll let them reveal them as and when they want to.

The new logo was launched at new year and it is great to see it on screen and get some great feedback from the podcast listeners.

So head on over to to see it in action and to listen / read what Matt and Pieter have in store for you in the coming year. I have to say I am excited for Agent Carter and will definitely be listening in to see what they have to say about it and find out all the connections and references I usually miss !

They have also launched a new Facebook page and there is a competition in January if you like the page plus their is currently something else I designed in an idle moment or two over there.
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