Dominion Senate Houses
After watching the very satisfying conclusion to the first season of Dominion I have to say I was impressed by the whole story arc and multi dimensional characters.

While watching I loved trying to spot all the emblems that represent the senate houses, I managed to find all 11 in the end, although one came from the SyFy Welcome to Vega website . Not 100% happy with all of them, but they are the best I think I can get based on the limited screenshots I have managed to grab.

I sent a few tweets out with the simple version (below) and the Dominion Fan Site asked me for a higher resolution version, with the names of the houses, for their fan art pages. The first problem is that I don't yet know all the house names, and I certainly don't know which emblems relate to which, so I have only added the ones I am sure of for now.

I decided to create something else to be a little more arty, and the design above is the result. It features the senate house emblems and the logo of the Vega military. I'll update it when more senate names / emblems can be matched.

One final thing or now is that I have created a new Dominion category page on this website so you can simply jump to all the posts relating to it that are posted here.
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