Space Shuttle - Competition Results

Thanks for all the entries to the competition, it seems that the answers proved to be a little more difficult than I thought they might.

In the end there were no full correct entries so I drew a winner from the entries with the most correct answers.

Congratulations to John Grieves from Auburn, Indiana, USA.

The correct answers are going clockwise) :-

Millenium Falcon � Star Wars

Starship Enterprise - Star trek (This version is the original)

Liberator - Blake�s 7

Eagle transporter � space 1999

Battlestar Galactica (new series)

Planet Express Delivery Ship � Futurama

TARDIS � Doctor Who

Starbug � Red Dwarf

Jupiter 2 � Lost in Space (60's TV Series version)

* See below

White Star � Babylon 5

Moon rocket � Tintin

* The ship that caught everyone out was the ship that looked like a Flash gordon Rocket ship.

Maybe it was a little too obscure but that might just be the way my mind works !

The answer is that this is the Captain Proton Rocket Ship that was used in Star Trek Voyager as a homage to the 30's and 40's movie serials. Click the previous link for some close up pictures or click this link for more details on Captain Proton.

Which means of course that the link I was after is Star Trek.

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