LOST 2014 - An Epic Journey
IMG_5180Back from LOST 2014 now and have reflected a lot on what happened, it was a few weeks of utter highs and one very sad low.

To touch on the low for a moment, it was heart wrenching to learn of Bonnie Craft's passing moments before boarding our plane back to the UK, we had seen bonnie a couple of times briefly during the stay in Hawaii and I can't imagine what life is going to be like without her for her family and friends. She was so supportive of me personally and all I can say is I will miss her so much.

During the stay in Hawaii we saw some of the most beautiful sights and places I have ever seen and with the link to LOST it was pretty much a perfect place to be.

The picture above is a sunrise on the morning after LOST 2014 finished, it was well worth getting up very early to drive over to the East side of the island to witness it.

All the photographs from the trip can be found on my Flickr site Z70 photos

Hawaii 2014At the event we got to meet Jorge Garcia of course and he is a genuinely lovely person to talk to, he signed my poster and another artwork which I will mention in a later update on this site.

Talking of the poster, do you remember back in September 2013 I was a joint winner in the LOST 2014 competition to design a logo. Kelly, the fantastic organiser of the event, decided to print my design as a small poster and include it in the gift bag for every attendee of LOST 2014.

I can safely say that this is the biggest run of any poster design I have ever created !

Hawaii 2014One of the other designs I created for the competition a year ago was this one based on the McCutcheon whiskey bottle label and on the night of the Cancer Gets LOST charity auction both Paul and I wore our t-shirt version and held the replica bottle that was in the auction.
Hawaii 2014You can see al the photographs by using the link above, but one final thing to bring things full circle, this is me on Hurley's Golf course which we visited on one of the island tours and this was actually my prize for winning the competition a year ago !
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